Caspersmile lifetime guarantee
Caspersmile lifetime guarantee

We don't just make empty claims. We give a guarantee.

If you're not entirely pleased with your smile during or after your teeth straightening treatment, we'll do it at no extra charge. In other words, if you need more sets of clear braces during the treatment or need help with dental alignment after treatment, we got you!

Caspersmile impression kit guarantee

Our commitment to quality and concern for our customers is at the heart of all we do here at Caspersmile. You'll receive an impression kit as part of your aligner plan purchase. Based on your impressions, our smile specialists will use our innovative methods and technology to determine whether they can develop a treatment plan to safely and successfully align your teeth.

Caspersmile aligner guarantee

We promise a full refund for your purchase excluding the cost of the impression kit if we believe that you are not a suitable candidate for our clear aligners

We guarantee your smile for life. That means if your teeth move out of alignment after completing your original treatment, you’ll get fresh impression kits, new treatment plans, and aligners to help correct misalignment issues at no additional cost (subject to the following conditions and limitations). To claim the Caspersmile lifetime guarantee, you must:

  • Wear aligners as directed for 22 hours a day for All-Day Caspersmile and 8-10 hours while you sleep for Nightlong Caspersmile
  • Keep all aligners in the provided protective case until treatment is complete
  • Avoid unnecessary dental work during treatment
  • Take care of your daily dental hygiene
  • Continue wearing the retainers after the last set of aligners.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines may void your Caspersmile Aligner Guarantee and result in additional costs to get back on track. If, after following the guidelines, you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us for a re-evaluation. If approved, you may be eligible for additional aligners.

Caspersmile lifetime guarantee

To qualify for this you need to:

  • Purchase retainers from Caspersmile or any other aligner brand once a year.
  • Provide proof of purchase from any other aligner brand.
  • Confirm in writing that you followed instructions when using your retainers.

This guarantee may be null and void in the event of a dispute or if payment is overdue.